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Issue 1 Contents
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Ukulele Rhythms Magazine Issue 1 Cover

Woodley White
Zahra Lowzley

Harold | Trio
Tonewood | Cuban Mahogany
Eric Devine | Mahogany Beauty
Jim Tranquada | Unhappy Anniversary
Takahiro Shimo | Comet 3

Kimo Hussey | Balance
Rob Bourassa | Ukulele Kindergarden
Sarah Maisel | Scales & Chords
Kevin Carroll | Start with the melody
Jose Bernardo | The Viruoso Question
Zahra Lowzley | Right Hand Melody
Stephanie Yung | Suite Populaire

Rebel | DS Soprano
Rebel | DC Concert
KoAloha | Red Label Tenor


Issue 1 Contents

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Ukulele Rhythms Magazine Issue 2 Cover

Alan Okami | Koaloha Ukes
Jim Beloff
Craig Chee

Moore Bettah | Night of the Peacock
Jim Tranquada | No Mere Toy
Tonewood | Honduran Mahogany
Tonewood | The "Tree" Mahogany
Paul Woolson | The Tree Mahogany
The Mastro | Banjo Uke
Steel Strings | Iseman Model 4
Kimo Hussey | Finding the Right Uke

Rob Bourassa | Substitute Teacher
Sarah Maisel | 1- 6- 2- 5
Kevin Carroll | Careless Love
Jose Bernardo | Transitions
Zahra Lowzley | Advanced Techniques
Phil Doleman | Get into the Groove
Craig Chee | Dynamics

Cloud Ukes | Carious
Pu'uwai | Tenor
Heidi Swedberg | My Cup of Tea


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